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    Gutter Cleaning

    Gutter Cleaning And Fascia Services

    Are your gutters full?, is your Downpipe Blocked?, Do they spoil the look of your property? Are your walls damp? Then Contact Us today before damage is caused.

    Without proper maintenance, over time your gutters and fascias will spoil the look of your property. Guttering, when full of leaves and dirt, can overflow; causing your guttering and fascias to become stained and discolored, This is just what you can see.


    Gutter cleaning and clearing in Bristol

    A blocked gutter will become heavy with all the debris gathering, this may cause them to pull away from the fascias and in extreme cases come away from the property all together. Also a blocked gutter prevents water from draining away which in turn overflows causing stains to walls.

    Clean and Seal have the equipment to empty and clean all guttering and fascia in Bristol from the safety of the floor, minimizing the use of ladders  which can be a hazard.

    Call Us Today if you have any gutter problems and want to discuss the matter further.


    The Best Gutter Guard - Gutter Gard

    Why not try Gutter Guard™ and keep your gutters free from leaves, moss and debris, Clean and Seal use a revolutionary self cleaning, maintenance free, high quality anodised aluminium gutter protection system.

    This unique system allows the rain to wash leaves and debris clear preventing blockages and avoiding the dangerous task of climbing ladders to empty and clean your gutter.

    Gutter Guard is also designed to withstand heavy constant rain.

    Gutter Guard has been designed and developed in the UK specifically to eliminate the ever increasing costs and disruption associated with the annual task of clearing and maintaining open rainwater gutters that become blocked by falling leaves, moss, pine needles and other debris.

    Gutter Guard works using the principle of liquid adhesion, where water drops and streams falling onto the special anodised aluminium surface of the Gutter Gard profile, from the roof tiles, merge together to form a continuous film of liquid that adheres to the surface and flows towards the front round edge and then back underneath the all covering profile top, to discharge clear of debris into the gutter below. 

    It is the combination of the shape of the Gutter Guard profile and its surface finish that enables the water molecules to merge together and "cling" to the anodised surface which can cope with a tremendous volume of water without spillage occuring from the front edge.

    Because the Gutter Guard profile totally covers the open gutter and is fitted so that the front round edge is in line with the front edge of the gutter, all leaves, moss, pine needles and other debris that would normally have fallen inside the gutter are prevented from doing so by the profile and instead collect on the smooth surface, to be blown away by the wind or washed over the front edge during the next downpour. 

    Gutter Guard is suitable for all plastic, aluminium and cast iron gutters that are fascia fixed and that range in size from 110mm and 215mm wide.

    Gutter Guard is supplied complete with fascia fixed two part adjustable aluminium brackets and is available in four widths.

    End plates are provided at the end of each continuous run of profile to ensure that birds or vermin are unable enter the enclosed gutter .

    For a FREE no obligation quotation on our gutter cleaning services please call us on 01275 818329 or 07968945745 or complete our online enquiry form.


    Fascias And Soffits Cleaning

    As a Bristol cleaning company that moves with the times and is continually updating our range of products and services, Clean and seal have over the last few years invested in a water fed pole cleaning system for cleaning and refurbishing soffits, cladding, gutters and hard to reach places to help maintain our costomers homes and businesses in Bristol, Bath and the southwest. The increasing regulation and adherence to Health and Safety initiatives along with the unsafe "traditional" ladder access method for cleaning has ensured we work with our and your safety a major priority for all our high level cleaning contracts.

    The system we use is able to access ,from ground floor level, the majority of 3 to 4 storey residential and commercial properties in Bristol and the Southwest. The concept of utilising the high level pole cleaning system was introduced via the USA many years ago and is recognized as a much safer and more effective method of window cleaning.

    The system is only 100% effective if the water has all impurities removed. We ensure and check regularly that our on board water supply meets this criteria. Pure water is an aggressive cleaner as it literally drags all the dirt from the surfaces it touches and using a range of brushes from soft to stiff we can effectively clean all glass and upvc materials. keeping the whole area in pristine condition.

    Other significant benefits over the "traditional" window cleaning market is that the risk of broken tiles and walking over roof's is eliminated along with a major concern that homeowners express to us is that privacy is maintained by all cleaning done from the ground floor rather than someone "peering" into your up level living space.

    For a FREE no obligation quotation on our fascias and cladding cleaning services please call us on 01275 818329 or 07968945745 or complete our online enquiry form.


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