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    Travertine floor Cleaning

    Travertine Floor Cleaning Bristol

    Had a call from a gentleman in Almondsbury, Bristol regarding his travertine floor and was their anything I could do with it after they had tried everything to get the kitchen and dining room travertine floor clean. 

    So I visited them and their travertine floor. As Soon as I walked in I could see the problem that they faced with this natural stone floor. This beautiful floor is used as the main walkway into the back garden, and what a back garden they had, the 3 children that live there must have hours of enjoyment out there with their dog, playing football and bouncing on the trampoline.

    With so much fun going on outside the inside travertine floor was becoming the doormat for the entire house. Mud and dirt had been ingrained into the Bristol travertine floor and it was in a sorry state.

    Was their anything I could do with this floor????????, Definitely.

    I thrive on jobs like this, the buzz I get when the customer sees the finished result. To see the smile return to faces that had given up on their expensive floor investment, to get recognition for a job well done and also knowing that my new customers are recommending me to their friends and families. 

    The travertine floor needed the old sealer stripped off. Their was some holes in the travertine that needed filling, then it needed sealing to finish it off. 

    We gave the travertine floor 5 coats of topical sealer and 2 coats of stone gloss, and now it looks absolutely AMAZING!.

    The customer was over the moon and never thought that it could look as good as  the day it was laid, in fact they reckon it looks better than the day it was laid. I advised the customer to get some floor mats, one inside, one outside the French doors and one in the porch area.

    As you can see from the pictures this floor looks like new once again. Visit our travertine floor cleaning page to find out what we can do for you by clicking here.


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